With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting companies of all sizes, budgets are becoming increasingly tight as businesses have to close their doors or deal with lower customer volumes. For many business owners, these are uncharted waters. We are all nervous but, this is no time for panic. This is time for a plan.

Should I spend money on marketing right now?

Often, one of the first items to cut in a budget is marketing. This is not a great idea. Instead, this is time to trim the fat in our budgets and focus on correcting our marketing infrastructure. Also, businesses should think about how user behavior is changing right now and how marketing should adapt to the current daily lives of our customers.

While we wouldn’t say that you should look at this crisis as an opportunity, we do think that there is plenty to be optimistic about. We can design intelligent marketing that will be effective for us now and into the future after this has passed.

What will I learn?

We’re not here to serve up platitudes and happy thoughts. We’re going to give you 5 strategies that you can implement for your business now. To the extent that we can, we’ll also show you exactly how to implement these strategies in live demonstrations.

You will get actionable tactics that you can start NOW while you’re dealing with tighter budgets than ever. Build during these hard times to experience even more success after.

We will answer these questions?

  1. Should I spend money on ads? If so, where?
  2. How can I steal market share?
  3. If people aren’t buying now, what can I get of value?
  4. Are there some tools that I should be using?
  5. How can I save money on any marketing tools?