When selling pet treats, content needs to resonate with the audience as well as drive people to reshare the content themselves. By closely monitoring the analytics behind the posts that have done well and finding creative similarities whilst experimenting with new content, Phrasing was able to significantly increase the viral reach of Nutri Chomps. The new discovery was accompanied with native-style ad campaigns to drive traffic to the final retail destinations.

The goal of this content was to boost organic social media discovery but primarily drive interest for NutriChomps into their many retail outlets.

What were our social media results?

  • Increased average organic social media post reach by 108%
  • Increased retail outlet lift in the Top 5 retail stores (Chewy, Amazon, etc.)
  • Increased impressions in target markets by 5000% with native ads

How did we improve Nutri Chomp’s social media performance?

We utilized our analysis of the current algorithmic trends on Facebook and Instagram and built a series of product-centric content pieces that spoke to those trends. Furthermore, to appeal to the broad range of dog owners that could appreciate the ingredients and product features of Nutri Chomps, Phrasing shot dog park photography of different-sized breeds so that each group of dog owners could see that this product could meet THEIR dogs’ individual needs.

About Nutri Chomps

Nutri Chomps is dedicated to enhancing the pet experience by offering products that are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with a focus on quality and practicality. The team at Nutri Chomps, comprised mainly of pet owners, shares a deep commitment to the health and safety of canine family members. This commitment is rooted in their awareness of the dangers associated with rawhide chews for dogs, motivating them to innovate and produce superior rawhide alternative products. Their mission is to ensure that pet owners have access to safe and healthy options for their beloved pets.