We can give you serious skills.

Do it yourself // Just do it better

A lot of brands want their team to do the marketing work. We actually totally understand this prerogative. That's why we offer up training services for any brand that wants to handle their own digital marketing efforts. Each training session that we do is tailored specifically to your team's needs.

While we can do this online, the best sessions are held with a member or members of our team present to really engage on a personal level.

Identify Brand Needs

If we're going to train your team to do better, we first need to understand what it is that your company really needs from its marketing team.

Identify Team Needs

After we get to know the brand, it's time to get to know your team. Finding their strengths and weaknesses is essential to having a useful training session.

Make something special

Once we know about your brand and your team, it's time to host an interactive learning session. We focus on working hands on to drive retention.

Let's work together.

If you feel like you have a strong team but they could be even stronger, let's have a chat about what Phrasing could do to build on their fundamental skills. It isn't just about skills though; it's about changing the mindset of how we approach learning on a regular basis.

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