Tim Welsh of Phrasing

Tim Welsh

Founding Partner - President

A true and proud geek, Tim is originally from Kansas City but calls Dallas home these days. As a professional, Tim worked on award-winning campaigns for 4 different advertising agencies and worked as an independent consultant for 4+ years ahead of founding Phrasing. If you want to get him going, bring up any of his passions: fitness, dogs, travel, DC Comics, or shonen anime.

Tim founded Phrasing because he knew that digital marketing could be done differently. To accomplish his vision, he knew that he'd have to build a team of like-minded and equally ambitious marketers. The team of full-time and part-time employees reflects that search being a successful one.

At home, Tim is married to Kelli and has two pups with a beautiful baby girl, Sloane, born on June 29, 2022.

Thomas Jackson of Phrasing

Thomas Jackson

Managing Partner - Paid Search Marketing

Originally from Jacksonville, Tommy took the most indirect path to join Phrasing. He enlisted in the US Navy and served as a FMF Corpsman for multiple tours with the US Marine Corps. He then went on to go to school at Arizona State University, the place where he first met our Founder, Tim Welsh, in 2010. After school, he worked for years as a (successful) sports gambling consultant. He also worked stints at various Veterans Affairs hospitals around America.

Years later, over some scotch and while watching an episode of Archer, Tommy and Tim discussed how Tommy's skill for taking calculated risks while maximizing return would translate incredibly well into Paid Digital Media management. He officially joined the team in 2019 and the rest is history.

Tommy, being a veteran himself, heads up our veteran outreach initiatives, a passion of his for over a decade.

Rebecca Robinson -Social Media & Content

Rebecca Robinson

Associate Partner - Social Media & Content

Rebecca was born and raised in Dallas and currently resides in Denison, TX. Rebecca graduated from the University of North Texas and started her career in the newsroom working as an editor, producer, and host. Over the last 5 years, she has been working in the hospitality industry managing social media and content creation. Most recently, she worked for the City of Denison as the Marketing and Tourism Coordinator. She loves to create engaging content and help brands achieve their full potential on social platforms.

When not at work, Rebecca can either be found at the gym or on her Peloton bike. She is also a travel junkie, foodie, and a total wine snob.

Tony Schimmoeller Placeholder

Tony Schimmoeller

Junior Partner - Paid Search Marketing

Coming from Indiana, Tony has a rich paid search marketing history before joining the Phrasing team, including a stint at Google. An owner of multiple business outlets himself, Tony brings his entrepreneurial spirit to the team.

In his free time, he geeks out on sports, being a fan of both Indiana Pacers and Green Bay Packers. His love of numbers has even led to him creating a new form of fantasy sports.

Brandon Foster and Tim Welsh

Brandon Foster

Associate Partner - Development & Search

From journalism to digital marketing, Brandon had an interesting journey to joining the Phrasing team. Starting out as a journalist, Brandon started freelancing as a writer for SEO in 2011 and then picked up more and more technical skills along the way. Now, he has over 8 years of experience as a team leader for front-end and content development.

Outside of work, Brandon is a father of 2 and is not-so-subtly pushing both to be basketball stars. We'll keep you posted on the rise of Cece and Big E's careers!

Before officially joining the squad, Brandon had been a friend of Tim Welsh since they were 10 years old.

High Vis

High Vis

Creative Partner - Photography & Design
High Vis specializes in grahpic design, photography, and creative direction. High Vis is a Veteran who served in the United States Navy. He graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, with a BFA in Graphic Design. He is known for his unique and daring rooftop shots and has worked with brand such as Dallas Mavericks, Toyota, YUMS, Lids, Anker, MSTR Watches, Metro PCS, Harwood District, Triple D Gear, NeoGen Nutrition, Skindinavia, Concorde Hotel NYC, Sweet Tooth Hotel, Dorrough Music, Rhythm Skateshop, OneCBD and many more. He has been covered by multiple news outlets such as WFAA, D Magazine, Dallas Observer and VoyageDallas.
Missy Monoxide

Missy M.

Creative Partner - Photography & Design

Missy specializes in design, photography, and social media management. She graduated with Honors from the Art Institute of Dallas with a BFA in Graphic Design, and has nine years of experience as a digital creator. Throughout her career, she has worked with renowned brands such as Dallas Mavericks, Cushman & Wakefield, First Command, Skindinavia, Concorde Hotel NYC, VA Claims Insider, and Main Event. Missy is also a contract designer for Phrasing Agency where she is responsible for creating and managing innovative, engaging content for Phrasing’s distinguished clients. Missy is a Veteran who served in the United States Navy.

Apart from being a creative partner at Phrasing, Missy loves doggos, purple, rainstorms, and gaming. As a Cancerian, she's the nicest person you'll ever meet. 😁

Tej Patel Videographer

Tej Patel

Creative Partner - Videography

As a videographer, Tej is a champion of storytelling in everything from athletics to travel. He's been an advocate of 'The Culture' and has worked with iconic clients inside and outside of his work as a partner with Phrasing.

Whether it be behind the lens or from the director's chair, you can count on Tej to get the essence of the story right in any project that he touches.

karla arauz

Karla Arauz

Marketing Management Partner

An integral part of the team, Karla is the Mama Bear of the Phrasing team. Having boys of her own, Karla has been managing the creative energies of others years before she joined the team and officially made us a global squad.

A champion of the people in Nicaragua, Karla also co-founded a talent acquisition and staffing company. Their mission is to help highly qualified talent in Nicaragua find companies in need of their talents around the world. They ensure that Nicaraguans are getting paid fairly while companies around the world get to see the depth of the talent pool in her native country.

Karla's flexibility as a teammate has made her our Swiss Army Knife when it comes to getting stuff done and done right.