Secure your brand identity.

One brand // One vision

Branding is something that we often overlook and only realize in retrospect how important it is/was for our companies. In truth, a brand’s identity is what helps build a devout customer base.

Using the creative talents of the Phrasing team as well as our DTX Street partners, we help to fully develop a brand identity that your brand can feel confident in and grow with for years to come.

Who is your brand?

We often tell business owners to think about their brands as people rather than products. Then, ask themselves why customers would want to be friends with that person.

Why does your brand exist?

Your brand was founded for a reason and it wasn’t just to pay the bills. What is it about your brand’s history that defines it? Then, how can we showcase that story?

Who do you admire?

If your brand were to make friends with other brands or borrow style points from, who would those brand be and why? This helps speak to your brand’s aspirations.

Let’s work together.

You can choose from one of the below packages or take an ad hoc approach to building your brand guidelines. The choice is yours. Each package was specifically crafted to meet the needs of businesses at varying branding stages. We pride ourselves on being the most innovative branding agency Dallas TX has to offer whether you’re a local or national brand.

Base Package

Custom Logo and Color

  • Fully Dedicated Designer
  • 1 Primary Logo
  • 1 Secondary Logo
  • 1 Social Media Avatar
  • Customized Colors
  • Usage Guidelines

Deluxe Package

Brand Guidelines & Swag

  • All Items in Base Package
  • Custom Print Fonts
  • Custom Web Fonts
  • Stationery Designs
  • Custom Email Signatures
  • Custom Clothing Designs

Premium Package

Complete Brand Kit

  • All Items in Deluxe Package
  • Custom Adobe Lightroom Settings
  • Custom Video Settings
  • Brand Social Media Guide
  •  Custom Instagram Layout Guide
  • Hashtag and Engagement Insights