Proven digital marketing success

Identify opportunities // Create solutions

The first step in the pursuit of success is identifying the problems or areas of opportunity in a market. After that, you can start building a custom solution. Often, problems are misidentified or areas of opportunity are overlooked because the 'glamour metrics' (useless stats that reports are often built around) are looking good.

The Phrasing team is dedicated to finding opportunities where cookie-cutter agencies might overlook. Our attention to details both in the data and our clients' real KPIs are what separate our solutions.

Here are a few of our team's wins.

Client Testimonials

"Hey when Facebook's own development team comes back to you and says they didn’t know that could be done you know you’re using the right team."
Loren G.
"They understand how to solve the customers problems and think outside the box. Their experience and command of the field make them unique."
Gabriela G.
"We hired Phrasing Inc. for a week-long crash course in social media marketing... It was in-depth, informative, easily-digestible, and money well spent."
Brandon F.