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Identify opportunities // Create solutions

The first step in the pursuit of success is identifying the problems or areas of opportunity in a market. After that, you can start building a custom solution. Often, problems are misidentified or areas of opportunity are overlooked because the 'glamour metrics' (useless stats that reports are often built around) are looking good.

The Phrasing team is dedicated to finding opportunities where cookie-cutter agencies might overlook. Our attention to details both in the data and our clients' real KPIs are what separate our solutions.

Here are a few of our team's wins.

Omega Juicers Logo


Social Media Management
The juicing community is a very dedicated community on social media but, it's also a very competitive one. In order to increase the reach and engaged users, the Phrasing team focused on creating content that had the highest chance of being seen by a larger audience AND inspire action, especially in the Send and Share engagement categories. By using this combined strategy, we were able to greatly increase reach but, more importantly, the number of users that engaged with the brand.
500% increase in organic engaged accounts
MagMile CrossFit Logo

MagMile CrossFit

Local Search Optimization
The fitness industry and gyms are fed heavily by local search campaigns. While ranking nationally for keywords is great, it's getting high placement in the local search pack that means the most to a local business like MagMile CrossFit. We focused on optimizing their local search listings and ongoing content production in order to boost their visibility. In addition to the increase in maps views, we saw a 132% increase in indirect search appearances (non-branded searches) and 31% increase in organic search traffic to the website.
100% increase in maps views
VACI Horizontal Logo

VA Claims Insider

Social Media Advertising
In the mission to help veterans get the VA disability benefits that they deserve, education and trust are key. To help VA Claims Insider better reach and convert their audience, we focused on creating a social media advertising ecosystem that focused on varied creative and conversion paths so that the customer base could choose their own adventure. By focusing on educational and informational content and then allowing people to convert in their own way, we were able to greatly increase the total conversions with a 30% decrease in spend.
1% increase in monthly leads
vamos auto logo

Vamos Auto Texas

Paid Search Marketing
In a deeply saturated automotive market in Dallas-Fort Worth, Vamos Auto needed help establishing a customer base within communities that would be most likely to appreciate their selection, sales staff, and credit-friendly options. The Phrasing team used targeted measures and target-specific linguistics to increase sales leads while dramatically reducing the cost-per-click and overall cost-per-acquisision.
0% Decrease in Cost-Per-Click
skindinavia logo


Influencer Marketing
In the cosmetics industry, working with influencers and makeup artists is a must. Skindinavia challenged Phrasing to expand the brand's reach without compromising authenticity by sponsoring 'for sale' influencers who hock a new product for money every month. Phrasing spent time cultivating relationships with respected artists and on-the-rise influencers. Through this relationship building and grassroots influencer marketing, we were able to secure ongoing relationships, new brand ambassadors, and increase the brand's reach by thousands of percent.
1 Million Monthly Users Reached
Sunset Inn & Suites Logo

Sunset Inn & Suites

Email Marketing
Inside of the hospitality industry, successful loyalty and CRM marketing have always been a mark of a successful marketing ecosystem. While most agencies consider beating the benchmarks a success (20.55% open rate and 2.25% click rate according to MailChimp), we knew that we had to do better. After working hard to build out a strong list, we went to work segmenting and testing different combinations of content to nurture the list. The result was more than doubling industry averages in both categories.
20% average open rate on email campaigns
Avalon Hotel NYC Logo

Avalon Hotel New York

Search Engine Optimization
In the New York market, there are over 630 hotels. Standing out in that market and garnering qualified search traffic is incredibly difficult. Prior to working with Phrasing, Avalon Hotel was ranking for hundreds of terms but rarely on Page 1 and even more rarely for topics that could convert. Phrasing decreased the number of keywords that Avalon was targeting and instead implemented a more focused strategy based on opportunity. By pulling in the same number of users but of a higher quality, Phrasing was able to nearly double the organic search revenue.
0% Increase in Organic Search Revenue
nutri chomps logo

Nutri Chomps

Social Media Marketing
When selling pet treats, content needs to resonate within the audience as well as drive people to reshare the content themselves. By closely monitoring the analytics behind the posts that have done well and finding creative similarities whilst experimenting with new content, Phrasing was able to significantly increase the viral reach of Nutri Chomps. The new discovery was accompanied with native-style ad campaigns to drive traffic to the final retail destinations.
0% Increase in Organic Post Reach

Client Testimonials

"Hey when Facebook's own development team comes back to you and says they didn’t know that could be done you know you’re using the right team."
Loren G.
"They understand how to solve the customers problems and think outside the box. Their experience and command of the field make them unique."
Gabriela G.
"We hired Phrasing Inc. for a week-long crash course in social media marketing... It was in-depth, informative, easily-digestible, and money well spent."
Brandon F.