Phrasing is not your typical ad agency.

Who are we // We are legion

The days of a sweet hashtag and a sweet headline being the key to your brand’s success are gone. Today, it’s all about being able to do something creative that can be tracked and attributed. No longer can we treat campaigns like alien technology where we know that it works but, ultimately, don’t understand how or why. The time has come for campaigns to get better. In many cases, that calls for not just a new type of campaign, but a new type of agency.

We’re not the first to make our name as consultants. We’re not the first to suggest that your brand’s campaigns should be tracked. We might not be the first at almost anything. It is 2022 after all.

While we may not be the first, we are pretty damn good at what we do and we’ve never failed to grow a client’s business.

The reason that we’re able to kick so much ass is simple: people. While most agencies keep their services affordable by putting your work off onto recent graduates or interns as quickly as possible, we do it by keeping lean. Every team member of Phrasing Inc. is an established independent consultant in their own right. Our clients pay for our hours, not our fancy offices or executive golf packages. You get the best consultants presented to you based on your need every single time.

Think of us like the Uber of branding and digital marketing. You pay like you’re getting the standard UberX Accord but we are showing up in a Tesla every single time we roll up.

A few words about our founder: Tim Welsh

Curious guy // Verified geek

Frustrated with how he’s seen things play out for both client and agency, Tim decided to start building his network of experts across fields. From former co-workers to fellow speakers at events, Tim found that there were talented people all over itching to do great work and tired of being handicapped by the archaic infrastructures of large agencies and corporations. Everybody was ready for a new opportunity. He founded Phrasing Inc. to be just that.

An international speaker on digital marketing and branding, Tim has also been featured on podcasts from the likes of Simply Measured and Tourism Upgrade. He worked alongside Klout as they were developing the algorithm for measuring online influence and continues his work in the influencer space. Tim has spoken at multiple events for companies like Hootsuite. In terms of conferences, Tim has been a speaker at SMX West, SMX East, SMX Social Media Marketing, Maximum Occupancy, and SMX London.