If you want to work your way up a typical agency structure and find yourself in a corner office where you watch your team grow but don’t do anything yourself, Phrasing isn’t the spot for you.

However, if you value your own personal growth, sharing in success as a team, flexibility to travel, and the ability to teach and learn from a group of respected peers; we might be. When Tim Welsh founded Phrasing, he wanted to build a place where the smartest and most ambitious could grow together. We’re an agency to be sure but we could just as easily call ourselves a collective.

Read through what we think makes Phrasing different below and reach out if it feels like the right fit for you!

Marketing Team Working together

Lead & Learn

The first thing that we think is really different is that our culture is one where we lead sometimes and learn from others. If you have something that you’re amazing at, we want you to lead on that initiative or that client. Where a member of the team is better suited to lead, you can learn from them. If you’ve specialized in Google Shopping for eCommerce, you might lead there and learn from a member of our team that has historically specialized in paid search ads for hospitality.

Due to our flat structure (see below), every team member will lead sometimes and be assisting other times. If you want to continuously learn and become a stronger master of your craft, we’re built for that. Members of our team are confident in their skills but always need to be humble enough to learn from others or accept our own areas with growth opportunities.

Unlimited PTO

If you’re getting your work done and available when you’re needed, you should be able to embrace life. Do your work from a beach in the Caribbean or a skyscraper in New York; it’s all good to us. We embrace a system where our employees have unlimited opportunities to pursue their passions. After all, it creates and cultivates more dynamic people.

We don’t track your time off. We track what you get done. If the latter is covered, all that we ask in return is a sweet postcard from wherever you are.


If we win, you win. Every full-time member of our team gets a profit-share in the agency. Since we don’t operate with a traditional structure, we make sure that a rising tide raises all ships. If a football team wins the Super Bowl, everybody gets a ring. Why should our work be any different than that? We depend on our team to win. We win and lose together. As long as you’re helping the team win, your opportunities are relatively limitless.

Side Hustle Friendly

Do your interests extend beyond what we do at Phrasing? Cool. Get your side hustle on! You’re so much more than one skillset. We only ask that Phrasing takes the front seat in your work life and that you don’t do anything that directly competes with what we’re doing here.

As a philosopher once said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” If you immediately get that reference, you’re our people.

Flat Agency Structure

The days of having somebody talk down to you because of their tenure or from a role that they didn’t truly earn are done! We have a flat structure where every member has a seat at the table. Leadership is decided by who is best-suited for that client or project.

This is where our culture of leading and learning comes into play. In back-to-back meetings, you might go from lead singer to background dancer. When it’s your decision to make, you need to listen to the team and weigh the merits of each idea. When it’s not, you get to voice your thoughts but are required to trust the leader on that project.

We support each other as peers. As an agency that only takes on highly-skilled teammates, each member has earned that respect upon walking through the door.

We Give a Shit

As a team, we have taken it upon ourselves to do no harm. That is to say that we try our best. We support inclusivity, equal opportunity, and helping out those in need. We don’t identify these values as being exclusive to any political, religious, or ideological group.

At the end of the day, we’re a team of humans and we’ll all fall short of perfection. However, we won’t work with any clients that we deem aren’t morally sound and have goals to spend company resources on non-profit causes each and every year.