Likes are just the beginning.

Build a community // Create advocates

Social media marketing has come from something cute that you let a junior in your company run to one of the most essential marketing channels for any brand: emerging or established. Social media inspires people, gives them a place to research ideas, and convert them into a customer. While not every network is perfect for every brand, there is a community on social media for ANY brand’s core community.

Find Your Communities

This isn’t an 80’s baseball movie. If you build a profile, customers won’t magically show up. Find where they are currently engaging and immerse your brand in the already established culture.

Engage with Your Fans

This is social media. The key word there is social. When we work with a brand, we listen to your community first. When we understand the community, we actively engage with that community.

Cultivate Advocacy

When you become part of the community that you serve, you can convert sales and build up loyalty. Phrasing doesn’t believe that you ‘fake it until you make it’. We believe in simply helping you make it.

Let’s Work Together

If you want a social media campaign that is actual social and connects with your customers on an emotional level, it’s probably about time you committed to a relationship with the Phrasing team. What are you waiting for? Click that button.