Spending money on digital media is easy. Figuring out the areas of most opportunity and keeping your eye on the most important metric, cost-per-acquisition, isn’t as simple. The truth is that we don’t care too much about CPM or CPC. We care about one thing. Are you getting new customers and conversions at the best overall cost? Revenue is more important than glamour metrics.

Find the Opportunities

Our first step is immersing ourselves into the particular conversion habits of customers in your industry. From here, we can identify the best touch-points.

Exploit the Competition

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to. We look at what your competition is doing well and poorly. Then, we do it better for your brand.

Convert the Traffic

All of that highly qualified traffic means nothing if you can’t convert it. We optimize customer paths and landing pages constantly for growth.

Let’s work together!

If you’re tired of getting reports that look good but not seeing your business grow considerably, maybe it’s time that you work with the Phrasing team.