Case Study: Elevating The Legacy Companies with a Robust Affiliate/Ambassador Program

Client: The Legacy Companies

The Legacy Companies, a conglomerate of distinguished kitchen appliance brands, sought to expand their online presence and sales without the heavy reliance on traditional advertising budgets. With a diverse portfolio that includes Omega Juicers, Excalibur Dehydrators, Yonanas, West Bend, and Chef’s Choice, they aimed to engage with passionate customers and leverage their enthusiasm to drive brand awareness and revenue.


Our mission was to develop and launch a dynamic affiliate/ambassador program that would:

  • Create a community of brand advocates.
  • Increase organic website traffic.
  • Generate significant marginal revenue.
  • Achieve these goals with zero spend on advertising.


We crafted a multi-brand ambassador program tailored to resonate with the unique audience segments of each brand under The Legacy Companies umbrella. Our approach was to:

  1. Identify and engage with potential ambassadors who shared the values and enthusiasm of The Legacy Companies’ brands.
  2. Utilize organic social media recruitment strategies to build a network of influencers and passionate customers.
  3. Provide ambassadors with the tools they needed to succeed, including affiliate links, promotional materials, and incentives.


The program was rolled out with precision, capitalizing on the strengths of each brand and fostering a sense of community among ambassadors. We leveraged the power of social media to organically recruit over 100 ambassadors within the first four months. Our efforts were focused on:

  • Creating compelling content to attract potential ambassadors.
  • Streamlining the sign-up process to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Regularly communicating with ambassadors to maintain engagement and encourage sharing.


The affiliate/ambassador program became a resounding success, culminating in impressive results:

  • Marginal Revenue: The program added $40,000 in marginal revenue per month.
  • Ambassador Sign-ups: Over 100 ambassadors joined the program within the first four months.
  • Web Traffic: Ambassadors were driving over 6,000 users to The Legacy Companies’ websites per month.
  • Advertising Spend: Achieved all results with $0 in advertising spend.


Our strategic approach to creating and implementing an affiliate/ambassador program for The Legacy Companies led to substantial growth in both revenue and brand engagement. By tapping into the power of community and organic social media outreach, we demonstrated that significant results are attainable without the need for costly advertising. The program not only provided a boost in short-term revenue but also established a foundation for sustained long-term growth and brand loyalty.