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5 Tips for Improving Your SEO Content Writing

February 8, 2022

There are over 1.9 billion websites online right now. You can invest a lot of time in your website and blog content writing, but if you are not using the right techniques, you can still end up with no website visitors. So, how can you guarantee a solid online presence?

No website visitors are equivalent to no one showing up to your birthday party. No one wants it to happen to them, and when it does, it hurts. The good news is there is one party guest you can count on when you treat them right: SEO content writing.

SEO content writing is a type of blog content writing that makes it easy for search engines to assess content and determine its quality. SEO helps guarantee search engines find your content and judge it well.

However, gone are the days of simple SEO tricks. Now you need solid content writing skills and SEO content writing tips to have better SERP placement. Read on for five ways to make this happen with your SEO content writing. 

SEO Content Writing

1. Improve Readability

There’s using keywords, then abusing them. You should still ensure your writing is written for humans to read. Your blog content writing should be easy to follow and well-researched. 

Take the time to determine search intent, such as whether it is an informative post or commercial. This can help improve how you format the content. Other ways to improve readability include:

  • Short paragraphs and sentences
  • Format content with headers and menus for skim readers
  • Use subheadings and other formatting techniques to highlight sections
  • Use active voice and transition words 
  • Use bullets and numbered lists for featured snippets 
  • Add visual content 

SEO content writing is not just about the quality of writing; it is also about the format of your posts, which should make content easy to read. Otherwise, people will quickly disengage, and websites will not link to your content. Studies have found posts with complex structures such as those using H2 and H3 headers are high-performing in terms of traffic and engagement.   

2. Embrace Keyword Clustering

Keywords are words and phrases people are typing into search engines. They are one of the most important content writing tools for SEO, which is why they are mightier than the sword. When used correctly, they can remove competition, but when misused, they just injure you. 

If you have the proper keyword technique, users could end up landing on your website. The first step is to understand how to find keywords, assess them, and pick long-tail keywords. There are many free SEO tools that help with keywords and other SEO techniques. 

Do not just focus on a primary keyword, as this is insufficient to rank well. Instead, use keyword clustering in your blog content writing. This is when you optimize content with a group of keywords that share similar search intent. 

Keyword clustering can also help you improve your domain authority, as you can include less competitive keywords to help increase organic search visibility. After all, 53 percent of all trackable website traffic is from organic search.  

You should use internal and external links when SEO content writing. For example, internal links help demonstrate that you provide all the information users need on your site without the need for them to return to the search engine.

External links also indicate that you provide accurate and high-quality blog content writing. But you shouldn’t link to any random site. Take the time to find credible sources that offer valuable information. 

External linking to credible sources reduces the need to check that links are not broken on your post regularly. It also offers the chance to network, as you can begin to connect with others in your industry and external link to each other. 

You should also include links that help convert visitors to leads for your business. For example, you might want to have a call-to-action, such as an email sign-up or link to your product page. 

SEO Content Writing tips

4. Understand Semantic Processing 

Semantic SEO is when you add more meaning to the words in your blog content writing and web pages. You want to consider users’ true intent, not just answering a simple query. Instead, you focus on answering all the user’s questions on the topic.  

One way of doing this is through keyword clustering. Other techniques include including an FAQ on your landing page and using related nouns, such as popular brands in the topic area. 

Semantic SEO adds extra complexity to SEO content writing, but it will improve your online presence and ranking when used correctly. Plus, it can help with local searches to find leads near you. 

5. Capture User Attention 

You can use all the top SEO content writing tips, but if your writing fails to hook the reader, they will quickly lose attention and leave your site. The average time spent on a website page is around 54 seconds, so how can you guarantee users stick around?

For some websites, 54 seconds is a good time. It depends on the purpose of your content. However, for most businesses, you want users to stick around for longer and click on your content in the first place.

One of the best ways to improve SEO content writing is through your writing. Use unexpected hooks to draw readers in, such as surveys and personal experiences. It could also be something unique and unexpected that you find relates to the topic. 

You should also have a catchy H1 and meta description that stands out from the other website listings. Ensure it explains what the text body is about; otherwise, search engines will not favor your work. 

SEO Content Writing Services

SEO content writing can do wonders for your business. Increase your online presence, and find targeted leads who care about your product. However, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin with blog content writing.

These SEO content writing tips can get you started, but you can also consider using SEO content writing services to help. Phrasing is here to help you get found on search engines most efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services.