Client: MagMile CrossFit – Forging Elite Fitness in the Heart of the City

In the competitive fitness industry, local visibility is key for gyms to succeed. MagMile CrossFit, known for its intense workouts and supportive atmosphere, aimed to boost its local search presence. Our agency focused on enhancing their local search listings and content production to improve visibility and organic traffic.

Our Local Search Results:

  • 177% increase in Maps views
  • 132% increase in indirect search appearances (searches not specific to the brand)
  • 31% increase in organic search traffic to the website

Boosting MagMile CrossFit’s Local Search Presence

We optimized MagMile CrossFit’s local search listings and produced engaging content relevant to the CrossFit community. These efforts resulted in more Maps views and a significant rise in indirect search appearances. The increase in organic search traffic also contributed to heightened brand awareness and more membership inquiries.

magmile crossfit

About MagMile CrossFit

MagMile CrossFit is more than a gym; it’s where fitness aspirations are surpassed. Situated in the city’s dynamic core, it provides varied CrossFit programs for all skill levels, promoting a spirit of accomplishment and fellowship.

With our agency’s help, MagMile CrossFit has not only climbed in local search rankings but also cemented its status as a top fitness destination. Our focused local search strategy has driven online and in-person engagement, propelling MagMile CrossFit towards ongoing growth and success in the local fitness scene.