At Sunset Inn and Suites, a commitment to guest satisfaction is paramount. In the hospitality realm, where loyalty and repeat business are invaluable, the hotel aimed to enhance guest relationships and maximize the lifetime value of each visitor. Phrasing was brought on board to elevate their email marketing and CRM practices well beyond the industry standards.

Our Email Campaign Results:

  • Achieved a 45% average open rate on email campaigns, outperforming the industry average significantly
  • Increased the lifetime value of a guest by over 50% through strategic email flows
  • Realized a 70%+ increase in click-through-rate over a six-month period

Crafting a Superior Email Experience for Sunset Inn and Suites

Our strategy was multifaceted: we meticulously constructed a robust subscriber list, segmented audiences for targeted messaging, and implemented A/B testing to refine our content. The pivotal change came with the introduction of our custom email flows. These flows were designed to guide guests through a personalized journey, enhancing their experience and encouraging repeat stays.

The results were clear: the lifetime value of a guest saw a substantial increase, and the click-through rates for our emails rose by over 70% in just half a year. This indicates not only higher engagement but also a greater propensity for guests to take action based on our communications.

About Sunset Inn and Suites

Nestled in the bustling heart of Vancouver, Sunset Inn and Suites offers a retreat that combines the comfort of home with luxurious hotel amenities. Their spacious suites and personalized approach to service have made them a favorite for both short-term and extended stays.

With Phrasing’s advanced email and CRM strategies, Sunset Inn and Suites has revolutionized the way it connects with guests. Our custom email flows and data-driven content have significantly increased the lifetime value of their guests and propelled the hotel to new heights of guest loyalty and satisfaction.