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More influencers // Higher relevancy

Not all influencers are created equal. There are influencers with a million followers who will charge you thousands of dollars for collaborations that won’t help you sell 💩. Then again, there are people with 13,000 Instagram followers who will sell $20K worth of products a month and will happily collaborate on commission. (Thanks, Tracee!) We can help determine which is which.

Find Your Tribes

There are two basic questions that we ask first when we think about influencers for a brand. Who does this influencer speak to that listens to them? Does that audience align with whom our brand should resonate? If these things don’t match up, the campaigns will suffer.

There is A LOT more nuance to this process but, the prevailing philosophy is one that has worked and saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars while making them a significantly higher ROI. We look for influencers who have a tribe of followers in which our clients should be more successful. That’s where we start.

Contact the Leaders

If you know the tribes to whom you should be speaking, it’s time to find the voices that break through the noise within that tribe. We contact leaders directly.

Yes, we do the outreach! Most of the time, people are showing up in your DMs with 200K followers have a bot doing that outreach and will not yield results. You’ve probably already had some experiences with this if you’ve got a growing brand.

Convert Ambassadors

Once we’ve found the creators we like, we take time to appreciate the work that they put into their craft and develop relationships with them while educating them about our clients and the products. The followers of these creators are getting better and better about seeing through the BS on which products a creator believes in and which they’re sharing for money. We help make sure that you’re the former.

Let’s work together!

If you’re not sure how to find the right influencers or how to go about creating meaningful, impactful relationships with them; you’re not alone! We’ve helped dozens of brands build their influencer marketing and ambassador acquisition strategies. We can do the same for you.