Skindinavia recognized the necessity of influencer collaboration in the competitive cosmetics industry. The brand sought to extend its reach and increase brand visibility without sacrificing authenticity. The challenge presented to Phrasing was to engage with influencers and makeup artists in a way that remained true to Skindinavia’s values, steering clear of transactional partnerships with influencers who frequently promote products without genuine endorsement.

Influencer Marketing Results

Phrasing’s strategic influencer marketing campaign led to significant achievements:

  • Expanded Skindinavia’s reach by thousands of percent.
  • Cultivated ongoing relationships with key influencers and makeup artists.
  • Secured new brand ambassadors dedicated to promoting Skindinavia authentically.
  • Achieved 12,000,000 monthly users reached through influencer collaboration.

Our Strategy

Phrasing took a relationship-first approach, investing time in connecting with reputable makeup artists and emerging influencers who align with Skindinavia’s ethos. By focusing on grassroots influencer marketing, Phrasing established meaningful collaborations that translated into long-term partnerships. These relationships not only expanded the brand’s reach but also enhanced Skindinavia’s reputation for authenticity in the influencer space. The campaign’s success was further bolstered by increased branded searches and a surge in interest for affiliate marketing opportunities from prominent figures in the cosmetics industry.

About the Skindinavia Brand

Skindinavia is a trailblazer in the cosmetics industry, renowned for its innovative makeup finishing sprays that set and extend the longevity of makeup. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products that professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike can trust. Skindinavia’s dedication to authenticity and performance has positioned it as a favorite among makeup artists and influencers, further solidifying its presence as a leader in the beauty realm.