Vamos Auto is a used car dealership group that prides itself on serving the local Hispanic and Latin communities, offering a wide range of quality vehicles and a commitment to exceptional customer service. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and preferences of its clientele, Vamos Auto aims to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience for all its customers.


Despite a strong community presence and a loyal customer base, Vamos Auto faced significant challenges in optimizing its digital marketing efforts. The primary goals were to:

  • Reduce the overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA) to make marketing efforts more efficient and sustainable.
  • Decrease the cost-per-click (CPC) in their Google and Microsoft search engine marketing campaigns to improve ad spend efficiency.
  • Enhance the reach and effectiveness of their campaigns to better connect with the local Hispanic and Latin communities.

Our Strategy

The Phrasing team dove deep into Vamos Auto’s existing search engine marketing strategies to identify areas for improvement. Our comprehensive approach included:

  • Detailed analysis of current campaign structures, keyword selections, and targeting options to identify inefficiencies.
  • Strategic overhaul of ad copy and creative elements to resonate more effectively with the target demographic and improve click-through rates.
  • Optimization of bidding strategies to ensure maximum visibility at the lowest possible cost.
  • Continuous A/B testing of ad elements and landing pages to refine the user experience and conversion rates.

Mainly, Phrasing decided to aim at owning searches that came through directly in Spanish or for searches that occurred in households that primarily speak Spanish. This allowed Vamos Auto to be much more competitive with other dealerships, despite not having the bottomless funds that many rivals, like Carvana have at their disposal.

Results Achieved

Our focused and culturally tailored strategies led to outstanding improvements in Vamos Auto’s search engine marketing performance:

  • A remarkable 28%+ decrease in cost-per-acquisition, significantly enhancing the efficiency of marketing spend.
  • A 79% reduction in cost-per-click, allowing for more extensive reach and engagement within the same budget constraints.

These achievements not only exceeded Vamos Auto’s initial objectives but also established a scalable and cost-effective framework for future digital marketing initiatives.

About Vamos Auto

At the heart of Vamos Auto is a commitment to the community it serves. Specializing in a diverse range of vehicles and dedicated to providing top-tier customer service, Vamos Auto stands out for its culturally sensitive approach and deep roots in the Hispanic and Latin communities. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of its clientele, Vamos Auto ensures a welcoming and inclusive car-buying experience for everyone.

Phrasing’s Impact on Vamos Auto’s Journey

Phrasing’s collaboration with Vamos Auto showcases our dedication to delivering tailored digital marketing solutions that drive real results. Our work with Vamos Auto is a testament to our expertise in leveraging search engine marketing to connect businesses with their target audiences effectively and efficiently. At Phrasing, we are committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable growth through strategic digital marketing initiatives.