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Find contributors // Develop bonds

The world of public relations has changed forever. While traditional PR always relied on which contacts were in your phone, the changing scope of content creation and from where customers and writers get their influence has changed. We’re now in a world where digital-first PR is best. An endorsement on an SEO-optimized blog post about the “Best Gifts for [Insert Demographic Here]” are worth more than placement in a magazine’s gift guide. This is where we come in.

Understand the Targets

When we work with a brand, we figure out where their customers are most likely to get their information from or which brands’ endorsements they might find most credible. There’s no use getting a mention in Forbes if they’re more likely to read BuzzFeed or watch a Mashable video. The first step is always deciding whom we’d like to target primarily. If you get buzz in the right places, the rest tend to follow suit in their chase for “what’s going viral”.

Don’t Fear the Advertorial

Do you know all of those Editorial Suggestions on Amazon? They’re purchased. In fact, most major affiliate links that drive revenue directly are purchased. In today’s world, there is a lot of pay-to-play activity going on, even at some of the most traditionally prestigious publishers. (We know the price to get into Vogue and Forbes.)

Does this undermine the overall journalistic integrity of these outlets? That’s not for us to say. We’re marketers who understand that advertorial articles can be powerful and we actively negotiate for our clients to get them in all of the right places.

Create Relationships with Contributors

At the end of the day, talented writers often write for multiple news outlets and have small communities that they influence directly through their own channels. We appreciate the hard work that these people put into creating content regularly for different publishers and offer to make their lives easier by giving them brands that would have value to them in their work.

By having honest conversations and introducing creators to brands that might not be getting thrown onto their desks by editors or the advertising staff, we actually create opportunities for organic mentions on some of the biggest websites and TV shows out there.

Let’s work on PR together!

We believe in building relationships that help our client’s brands grow. Whether that means talking to the right people about paid placements or developing relationships with talented contributors, we know that we have the strategies to help build notoriety for brands in this digital-first world.