When it came to dehydrators, Excalibur has long been a leader in the market. However, with two core audiences that can be idealogically opposed to one another (hunters and vegans), we needed to make sure that we found a content strategy that both could be attracted to while courting new audiences with our recipes and outreach programs.

The resulting content was centered around the recipes and ideas that are prevalent in the homesteading community. We created and curated content in this niche after taking a deeper look into the rising trend of all sorts of homesteaders and how their ideas on preservation were actually useful to our audience at large. In the process, we gained thousands of followers and email sign ups for our new tribe of homesteaders we well.

By curating content that fit with all of our larger customer and prospecting groups, we were able to significantly increase organic social media performance in an age where pay-to-play seems to be more common than not.

Key Metrics of Social Media Success:

  • 113% increase in organic reach on Instagram
  • 185% increase in Saves on Instagram posts
  • 125% increase in Likes on Instagram posts
  • 36.3 increase in Comments on Instagram posts
  • 275% increase in Engagement on Facebook posts
  • 27.7% increase in Comments on Facebook posts