Client: Avalon Hotel – An Oasis in the Bustling Heart of New York

Avalon Hotel, set amidst the competitive landscape of over 630 hotels in New York, was struggling to make a significant impact in qualified search traffic and online visibility. Despite ranking for hundreds of terms, their presence on the coveted Page 1 of search results was minimal, and their rankings failed to drive conversions. The hotel partnered with Phrasing, seeking a more effective SEO strategy to enhance their organic search revenue.

Our Local Search Results:

  • 43% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 97% Increase in Organic Search Revenue

How Did We Transform Avalon Hotel’s SEO Performance?

Phrasing took on the challenge of distinguishing Avalon Hotel in the saturated New York market by deploying a highly focused SEO strategy. We began by narrowing down the keyword targets, selecting those with the highest potential for conversion based on detailed opportunity analysis.

Our approach was not to increase the volume of users indiscriminately but to attract higher-quality traffic—potential guests who were more likely to book. By doing so, we cultivated a more relevant audience for Avalon Hotel, which led to a significant uptick in organic search revenue.

Through this strategic refinement, Phrasing was able to nearly double the organic search revenue for Avalon Hotel by ensuring that their online presence was not just visible, but impactful and conversion-oriented.

About Avalon Hotel

Nestled in the heart of New York, Avalon Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel that offers an exclusive retreat from the city’s frenetic energy. Known for its sophisticated ambiance and impeccable service, Avalon Hotel provides a unique experience for discerning travelers.

With Phrasing’s partnership, Avalon Hotel has not only risen in the search engine rankings but has also established a commanding online presence that resonates with quality over quantity. Our targeted SEO strategy has paved the way for sustained organic growth and a stronger revenue stream, proving that in a crowded market, precision and focus can lead to outstanding results.