We don’t have pre-built digital marketing packages.

Every single one of our partnerships is unique. We build out all of our partnerships after doing a needs discovery so that we can build a plan that works best for you. Your needs don’t fit into pre-made buckets. They’re as unique to your brand as your brand is to your industry. The same should be true of your digital marketing agreement.

We build packages based on resources needed.

Our team doesn’t sell services at our core. We sell the minds and time of every member of our team. When we create a partnership budget, we create it based on the percentage of ‘billable time’ we believe we’ll spend on your projects and campaigns. This is why your package is unique. We study your needs and build a plan based on what we need to satisfy them.

We work to keep your business.

Unless asked for it specifically, we don’t write extended-term contracts. We build our contracts on shorter terms (usually 6 months) and write into every contract that you can leave with 30 days’ notice. Even though we make it very easy to leave, our average client relationship has lasted well over 2 years and over 90% of our clients have stayed beyond our initial term ending.

We never charge for spending your money.

One thing that we never do is charge you for spending YOUR money. While this is a common practice among media agencies, we don’t like it at all. For one, it incentivizes the team to give advice that will benefit our company, not just yours. You pay for us to be custodians of your budget and we believe that it’s our responsibility to take care of it as if it were our own, not profit off of you spending more.

We don’t do junior member handoffs.

Since we don’t employ any junior members, we don’t have any junior members to hand off too. Most agencies operate like pyramids where you get their top-tier talent for 30-60 days after signing your business and then it moves to lower and lower tiers of talent. Since we operate like a collective of highly skilled specialists who work in Pods, we keep each and every client with our most skilled and best fitting members in perpetuity.