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Top 7 Amazon Store Tips

November 15, 2022

When you look at stores that are highly successful on Amazon, there are a few items that are always present. While many tips are specific to your industry, these tactics are universally helpful in helping your store get more views, your products more Glance Views, and raising your overall ranking within Amazon’s organic algorithm. Here are some of our go-to Amazon marketing tips for increasing your store’s performance.

Add Specific Pages to Your Amazon Store

On average, Stores with 3+ pages have 83% higher shopper dwell time and 32% higher attributed sales per visitor.* There are a number of reasons for this but, one of the main reasons is that it allows people to find a subcategory that is specific to their needs.

On each of your pages, treat it a bit like a case study page for why someone might want to choose your product(s). You can utilize your analytics and platforms like Jungle Scout or Helium 10 to look for key phrases that might lend you some ideas on user search trends.

Organize Product Collections (Pages)

When it comes to your products, create pages that correlate with how you might craft Collections on Shopify. These are tags that apply to each of your products and expect to use your products in multiple pages.

A great example of a way to use this is actually done by R+Co. on their store. While they have pages for their Dry Shampoos, Waxes & Pomades, and so on, it’s the fact that they also have a Travel Size product page that might mean the most to a shopper looking for multiple products under 3.3 fluid ounces.

Travel Size Product Page on Amazon

Pages for Seasonal Events

If your products enjoy a spike due to seasonality, consider creating pages for those seasons. This is also good for creating ideas like “Gift Guides for __________” that might be applicable to your product line.

If you have gifts for men and women, you might consider adding pages like “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” or “Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad” on your Amazon store. You can use pages like this in your social media sharing so that people can click to see a bunch of ideas from you.

Pro Tip: If you have an affiliate program through Refersion that includes Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you can send an email to your ambassadors about these pages in hopes that they will also share them in their blogs and on social media.

Refersion Meets Amazon

Make Sure to Use Amazon Posts

If you’re not using Amazon Posts, you’re missing out on a great way to get more Glance Views from competitor product pages to your own. Every post also lives on its own page in your store so that visitors could browse them anytime. Users can also follow your brand, similar to how they might follow you on social media.

We’ve been able to increase glance views by 50%+ on some clients without the introduction of ads just by posting consistently in Amazon Posts on a weekly basis.

Amazon Posts Example - Skindinavia

Create Custom Landing Pages

On average, we’ve seen that linking your Sponsored Brands campaign to your Store page has 28% better return on your ad spend compared to linking to a product list page.** What does that mean for you? If you’re going to run an ad campaign that is based on a specific audience demographic, you’re going to want to create a landing page on your store that speaks DIRECTLY to that audience.

Share Your Brand’s Story

While usually, your website is where people go to find your story, more and more transactions are taking place on Amazon without people checking out our websites. In some cases, customers are checking out social media before our dot coms.

Since this trend isn’t likely to go anywhere, we suggest adding a Brand Story element to your shop, if you feel that your story or ideals are relevant. There are multiple studies that show how Gen Z and Millenials shop sustainably or buy based on values alignment. If you think that this works for your brand, make sure to include these in your Brand Story page.

If you think that you have a story to tell, tell it. Here is an example from PRIVE REVAUX.

Showcase Best Sellers

If you have some all-stars in your lineup, don’t make your customers click around to try to find them. This is especially true if you don’t yet have a massive review portfolio for your products but you know what sells well in retail or on your dot com. Make a Best Sellers page and make it one of the first pages that customers can check out.

I hope that you found some of these tips helpful. Amazon continues to be a MASSIVE force in eCommerce and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. If you want to be competitive, you’ll have to focus on organic search, conversion optimization, and paid advertising campaigns that are specific to this isolated ecosystem.

If you need help with that, we’d be happy to be your Amazon marketing partner. Reach out to us anytime!