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Phrasing Partners with DTX Street

February 15, 2019

You know that feeling you got when you saw The Avengers unite for the first time on the big screen?

Yep. That’s the scene.

Well, that’s how we feel today. We have officially partnered with DTX Street to boost our creative services. Allow them to introduce themselves.

“We build brands visually and conceptually through photography, video and graphic design creating high-end content that tells a brands story and mission. Our unique set of skills and our involvement in the creative community in Dallas gives us an edge over the competition. We host many creative events in collaboration with our clients to help bring organic engagement and brand awareness as every creative creates and promotes content of the brand.”

High Vis, Co-founder of DTX Street

If “Game recognize game”, you could say that the two teams have admired each other’s work for some time now. DTX Street is sure to bring some killer perspectives and content to the campaigns that Phrasing has been creating.

“Gone are the days where one team or one person can do everything. The time of customization is here. One cannot be an expert in everything and we won’t pretend to be. Phrasing brings our technical and strategic skills. DTX Street brings the sexy. Our clients’ competitors should be nervous.”

Tim Welsh, Founder & CEO of Phrasing

From a partnership perspective, this just made sense. DTX Street’s goal is to create killer content that resonates with the brand and their customers emotionally. Phrasing’s goal is to create killer digital strategy that reaches the right customer at the right time with the right message. In other words, Phrasing gets the message out to the right people and DTX Street makes sure that the message is well-packaged and emotionally resonant.

It’s perfect.