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Save Money by Hiring an Agency for Your Marketing

February 12, 2021

Is it cheaper to go with an agency or hire an internal team? Is it more effective to run marketing in-house or through an external agency? These are questions that every business owner and/or manager needs to ask themselves. These questions seem to be getting heightened attention as the effects of COVID-19 have caused all of us to take a closer look at our accounting.

At Phrasing, we’ve helped dozens of brands perform better in their digital marketing. We’ve worked on every type of client from a Dallas truck mechanic to international hotel and eCommerce brands. No matter the brand, one this has held true: working with us was cheaper and more efficient.

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Get a Digital Marketing Team for Cheaper

At first, this seems counter-intuitive to many business owners. Shouldn’t it be cheaper to get someone in-house than it is to pay an outside vendor and cover all of their costs? Nope. We’ll break it down.

Agency Costing

  • Social Media Retainer
  • Paid Social Media Management Retainer
  • Paid Search Management Retainer
  • CRM Management Retainer
  • Search Engine Optimization Retainer
  • Total Monthly Cost: $5,500

Internal Marketing Team

  • Salary for 2 Employees: $8,500
  • Avg. Overhead for Employees: $2,000
  • Comparable Marketing Software: $1,000
  • Total Monthly Cost: $11,500

At just under 50% the cost of hiring 2 internal employees with minimal experience (less than 2 years each), you can have access to an entire team of SEO, social media, email, website development, paid search, and other digital marketing specialists. Each of them is a specialist in their field with more experience in that specific discipline.

*The costs above are baseline but represent an actual retainer for a full-service relationship for an SMB with Phrasing. If you’d like an estimate based on your unique business, you can get a retainer quote via Messenger here.

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Agencies Have More Tools and Research

Not only does an agency team have more years of experience in respective disciplines, agencies like Phrasing also have access to tools that would cost you hundreds, if not thousands, per month.

By spreading the costs across all of our clients and having large accounts, we typically also get a discounted rate on tools. You don’t have to pay for any of the tools and yet you get all of the benefits associated. Tools range from complex report-building tools like Supermetrics to SEO and SEM research tools like SEMRush.

In addition to the tools, since we’re working on multiple clients at all times, you get the benefit of real-time new market research. We’re constantly pushing to find new ways to help our clients perform better in THIS MARKET. We take that knowledge and adapt it to help fuel your success.

You Can Easily Fire Us

Why is this a benefit? Not only does it make it easier to hold us accountable; it also means that we must perform every single month. At Phrasing, roughly 30% of our clients are on a month-to-month relationship. Why? We like that you have the power to hold us accountable for what we say that we can do.

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Agencies are Scalable

Unlike an internal team that is on a monthly salary, an agency can be scaled-up or scaled-down, based on need. We do what’s needed and can back down when less is needed or times or uncharacteristically tight.

Our job is to serve our clients and do what it takes for them to succeed. Your success is our success. We wouldn’t have survived 2020 if we weren’t able to continue bringing success to the brands that we’ve worked with.

If you want someone who will always fight for your brand, you don’t have to hire someone on your payroll. You can partner with an external team that cares. I would love for Phrasing to be that team for you.