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SEM Tips: Google Ad Extensions You Should be Using

February 15, 2022

At least 45% of small- or medium-sized businesses have a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with Google Ads. So with that in mind, how do you intend to make your business stand out among the masses of competitors?

That’s where you’ll need to explore SEM tips to boost your chances of getting more leads.

While reading through these Google Ads tips, you’ll first learn the basics of Google Ads extensions. Afterward, you’ll explore the best Google AdWords extensions to take your business to the next level and achieve your paid search marketing goals.

What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad Extensions—or AdWord extensions—give you additional ways to customize how your Google Ads appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Moreover, they give you other functionality to your ads, such as a “Download” button for mobile apps or a “Call” button to call your business.

Why Should You Consider Using Google Adwords Extensions?

Instead of suffering from the restrictions that Google places on you when using AdWords, you can use these extensions to maximize your ad campaign’s conversions and tracking. Some additional benefits that you’ll gain from using Google Ad extensions include:

  • Takes up more SERP real-estate: your ads will use more space, making customers see them over competitors’ ads
  • Potentially saves money: instead of wasting money on unfruitful campaigns, you can better understand what converts and likely increase your click-through-rate instead of performing endless experiments
  • Increased ad variety: instead of having ads that look like everyone else’s, you can provide more information and relevance for your potential customers or users
  • More relevant copy for your ads: gives customers important information like contact information instead of making them have to navigate to your landing page

6 Best Google Ad Extensions To Boost Your Google Marketing

While many Google Adwords extensions are available, you don’t want to install too many plugins at once and overwhelm yourself. That’s why the plugins below are the select bunch that’ll give you the best results.

Also, while you’re reading these paid search marketing tips, you’ll learn general information about each plugin and who the add-on will best serve.

1. Promotion Extension

The Google Ad Promotion extension expands your flexibility with presenting deals to your potential customers by making whatever sales you have prominent on the SERP. Moreover, if your customers see your ad on their phones, they’ll find an eye-catching price tag icon.

With the Promotion AdWords extension, you can make the plugin do all of your promotional work for you on specific days. How? By choosing the following filters of when to show your sale:

  • Event tags
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Specific days: Black Friday, throughout shopping seasons, or during other holidays

2. Call Extension

If you need a way to receive calls from your customer, the Call extension is what you need. It allows you to put your business phone number in your ad and let customers call you without navigating to your site.

This feature is essential for mobile users because they want instant results and can’t navigate to a “Contact” page.

Using this plugin reduces the likelihood of the customer second-guessing their decision to call, and it prevents any bounces from happening if they have trouble accessing your website. Moreover, if you happen not to be available to take a call, you can set a schedule on the extension to temporarily remove your phone number.

This AdWords extension will be helpful if your goal is to generate leads from consultation phone calls. First, however, you must ensure that you and your staff are ready to handle the influx of calls that you may receive from inquiring callers.

3. Lead Form Extension

Instead of funneling a user to your contact page, they can learn how to contact your business by using a form on the search engine results page with barely any clicks. With this form, you can collect user information like:

  • Phone number: personal and work
  • Name: person’s or company’s name
  • Location: country, state, city, and ZIP code
  • Position title
  • Email: work and personal

While it reduces the likelihood of people navigating through your site, it’ll give you valuable information that you can use to generate leads and establish relationships.

4. Location Extension

If you’re a brick-and-mortar establishment whose goal is to have customers enter your building, you’ll need Google’s Location extension. It’ll provide your business phone number, address, hours of operation, and where it’s located on a map.

If you’re trying to convert mobile users, they can click a link that’ll open directions to your business on their maps application.

Overall, the Location extension is perfect for physical businesses who want to:

  • Present their services
  • Throw in a call to action
  • Guide customers to their locations.

5. App Extension

While many of these extensions have focused on brick-and-mortar or service-based business owners, Google’s App extension offers different functionality than its counterparts. For example, the add-on allows you to add an “Install” button to your ads.

These buttons will make it so potential users can view information about your mobile application and download it without having to navigate elsewhere. Moreover, using this extension also allows you to track smartphone application downloads based on the keywords that users typed.

6. Image Extension

If you want your ad to snatch your audience’s attention and take up more SERP space, you’ll want to consider Google’s Image extension. It allows you to upload images to compliment your ads. However, you must first meet one of Google’s many image-uploading guidelines.

Explore More SEM Tips and Enhance Your Website

Google’s AdWords extensions give you various ways to fill more space on the search engine results page. Moreover, it shows your potential customers more information on your product. Choose what tools are relevant to you and think about will deliver the most results.

Meanwhile, explore additional SEM tips on our blog. Or, if you want experts to handle your marketing, hire us to boost your paid media campaigns and meet your business goals.