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Why You Should Still Use Bing Ads

August 26, 2020

Are you only using Google Ads and aren’t considering Bing Ads? Google is competitive, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie. While Bing isn’t as large as Google, it’s still the second-largest search engine when you look at the market share in the U.S. 

Still not convinced? In this article, learn all about Bing Ads, and why you should include them in your marketing strategy. Read on to discover why you should keep using Bing, and why it can help you reach a less competitive market, and let your business shine. 

What Is Bing? 

Bing is a search engine (ya know, like Google) that’s owned by Microsoft. The top 3 search engines are AOL, Yahoo, and Bing. Just like Google, it offers pay-per-click advertising. 

Prior to being known as Bing Ads, it was MSN adCenter and Microsoft adCenter. Bing Ads are a way for you to target your audience online through SEO. 

What Is SEO? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you go onto a search engine (Yahoo, Bing, Google), you type in a search term. For example, say you’re looking for ballet slippers in Provo, Utah, you might search for ballet slippers in Provo, or ballet slippers near me. 

If ballet slippers in Richmond Virginia come up, that wouldn’t be beneficial for you. Bing recognizes the area you’re searching for to provide you with a list of choices that will benefit you the most. 

What Is Microsoft Edge?

Since Microsoft Edge and Bing are both parts of Microsoft, you might see an increase in the use of Bing Ads soon. Many are saying that Microsoft Edge has an advantage over Chrome. It also allows you to import personal data from the older version of Microsoft Edge. 

You can enjoy the speed and annotated pages on Microsoft Edge. This means that as you’re doing research, you can add notes to webpages as you go. 

Google Ads vs Bing Ads

When you go to set up your ads, Bing and Google are very similar. You’ll always want to do keyword research before setting up your ad, no matter what search engine you choose. 


Some say that Bing Ads cost less when it comes to pay-per-click than Google Ads. This depends on the keywords you choose. On Bing, you can change your keywords over time to better fit your business, and be more economical.


If you decide to go with Bing, it’s more affordable since there’s less competition. There’s a whole sea of digital marketers who only use Google. When you choose Bing that means you can bid on different keywords and have more choices with them. 

Narrowing Down

You can narrow down your target audience more on Bing Ads. You can search for partners, demographics, and choose different time zones. You can change your ads based on the information you receive. 


When you’re looking for PPC marketing tips, keep in mind that Bing Ads will be a better option when you’re looking for a higher click-through rate. This is due to MSN and Yahoo both having financial reporting. 

Easily Leave Google Ads

Do you want to leave Google Ads but don’t want to lose your information for ads? You can import your existing campaigns from Google into Bing Ads. After just a few clicks your Bing Ad will be set. 

Sitelink Extensions

When you’re looking to advertise on Bing, it allows you to add extra information just as Google does. You can add extra links such as content downloads, free trials, demos, and pricing. 

Keep in mind that sitelink extensions catch a user’s eye because not every ad has them. The ad itself is normally larger as well. 

How to Advertise on Bing Effectively

After reading how effective Bing Ads are you’re ready to implement them. There are some tips you’ll want to follow before even beginning. 

Research Your Audience

First, you’ll want to research your audience before beginning. Your audience isn’t everyone from 2-65. Think about where your target audience lives, what language they speak, gender, age-range, etc. 

Think about what your target audience will be shopping for when they go online. What products and services appeal to them? 

Keyword Research

Next, you’ll want to research your keywords. Remember that using the correct keywords is about getting found. If you’re not sure how to do this, have a qualified digital marketer help you who specializes in keyword research

Set Your Budget

Before you even start your ad, figure out your budget. It’s easy to overspend on ads and wish that you didn’t do so.

Come up with a budget that works for you. Be honest with yourself about your business, and how long it’ll take before you see a profit. You definitely don’t want to overdo your budget if you can’t afford it. 

It’s Time to Set up Your Bing Ads Account

Once you’re at Bing, you’ll need to set up an account. This is basic information such as your email.

Once your account is all set, it’s time to set up a campaign. This is where you can choose to import an ad or start all over. 

Next is when you’ll get to choose your keywords based on the location. You can use the Bing keyword tool to search for keywords. 

Managing Campaigns

Over time, you’ll want to take a look at your ads and see which are performing well and which aren’t. If an ad is performing well, you’ll want to put more money toward it, and end the ads that aren’t doing so well. 

Exploring Why You Should Still Use Bing Ads

Now that you’ve explored why you should still use Bing Ads, you should be well on your way to deciding if they’re the right fit for your business. Are you ready to get started on Bing Ads?

Or, are you currently advertising on different search engines, and aren’t seeing much of a return on investment? Contact us today, and we’ll come up with an action plan that’s specific to your needs. Watch your business go from low ROI to a higher one that you’ve always dreamed of.