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5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Bio

September 15, 2022

With only 150 characters to work with, the greats keep their biographies succinct, sweet, and most importantly, informing.

You may also utilize your bio to nudge visitors toward action, whether it’s with a compelling CTA (call-to-action) to your website or a branded hashtag for gathering UGC (user-generated content).

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Add Keywords to Your Name

Brainstorm some keywords that may help your ideal customer find you on Instagram. These could be related to your niche, the products you sell, or even the city in which your business is located. Once you have some good options, add them into the name field in your Instagram bio – it’s completely separate from your username and this can be a valuable SEO tactic to improve visibility on the app.

When you use this strategy, we would give you the advice to BE SPECIFIC. Rather than using simply “photographer”, try using phrases like “wedding photographer” or “product photographer”. Using this will help you get the searches that will be the most relevant to you and which customers/clients you want.

Add Calls-to-Action in Bio

All you have to do is ask if you want to increase the amount of interaction your bio receives! For example, if you’re offering a new deal, a resource, or asking for a follow-up from your profile visitors, make sure they know.

Use action-oriented language that is specific to increase the likelihood of clicks on your profile. You can also take advantage of Action Buttons, which will vary depending on your account type.

Some examples of action buttons include: Order Food, Book Now, Get Quote, Reserve, or View Shop.

Use Highlights Effectively

Instagram Story Highlights are a series of stories that appear under your bio and can be viewed as a standalone story. They’re great for sharing information about your brand, highlighting your community, and showing off your personality.

Rather than collecting these as large stories, consider choosing a maximum of 6 and treat these more like the ‘front page’ of your Instagram and pack them with relevant information or inspiration. If you’re a clothing brand, consider showcasing UGC with your top sellers. If you’re a hotel, consider highlighting some of your best reviews.

Highlights are a great shortcut to information. Don’t waste them on tons of content that nobody will want to scroll after the initial share. Too many slides and nobody will ever make it to the end. We recommend never going past 10 on any highlight, unless you have a ton of UGC for a specific product.

Pin Your Most Iconic Content

If you have content that truly defines you or has had some viral success, make sure to pin that to the top of your profile. If you’re effectively running your Reels campaigns, you’re probably seeing more traffic to your profile than in months prior. It’s important to take advantage of this new traffic and give the right first impression.

If you’ve recently had a great media feature or celebrity mention that has brought more eyes to your brand, consider using that in your pinned content.

Don’t be afraid to keep any piece of content up there for a long time OR switch it out constantly based on your analytics. When it doubt, look for your content that has the most shares and saves over the past 30 days.

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Include a Linkin.Bio or Similar Tool

The link in your Instagram bio is simple to discover and click on, making it one of the most effective traffic drivers on your profile. Including a link in your Instagram bio might result in more engaged consumers and revenue for your company.

Tools like Linkin.Bio from Later turn your entire feed into a clickable experience. Others like Shorby and Switchy create a splash page where you can choose buttons and other forms of dynamic content to feature in limited calls-to-action.

Side note: When you’re reaching out to influencers for collaboration, ALWAYS make sure to include an inclusion in their bio link. It’s the only meaningful way that you’ll see a lot of direct traffic from a collaboration campaign.

If you use these tips in a way that still stays true to the core of your brand, you should see increases in the rate at which people who visit your profile click the follow or various CTA buttons. If you find yourself in need of social media management services, our team is always here to help.

Happy posting and good luck!

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